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Millet max2 mobile phone shell airbag anti-fall mi millet max3 protective cover transparent millet max soft shell silicone all-inclusive men and women new wave

  • Produktcode: 563314715584
  • Erreichbarkeit: 262254
  • $ 3.09



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Protective Cover Texture Silica Gel
Style Schutzhülle
Style Einfach
Applicable Mobile Phone Models MIUI/Xiaomi
Modell Millet Max2
Marken Newman
Production Enterprises Shenzhen Le Dier Co., Ltd.
Farbklassifizierung Shell To Send Tempered Film + Ring Buckle

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Produkt Q & A

How to open the millet max2 mobile phone case

Because of the rear fingerprint recognition used by Xiaomi Max 2, the circuit line of the fingerprint module needs to be removed first. To open the back cover, you can see that the millet Max 2...

Is the millet max the same as the millet max2 phone case?

A: Hello, not the same. max size is, max2 is, the size is different, can not be used. How can it be the same.

Xiaomi max2 mobile phone shell which is good

A: You can consider buying a minimalist protective cover or a smart flip cover cover for sale on Xiaomi's official website.